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About a month ago, one of the smartest and wittiest people I knew and had worked with committed suicide due to depression. I was shocked. I do not write much anymore. But I am so moved that I felt it is necessary to share this.

Many of the people who are around my age are in this “quarter-life crisis” right now. It is hard for us. What you are doing might not seem satisfying enough. You might not be making enough money. You might be feeling as if you are not doing things up to your potential. Relationship troubles, fights with your loved ones, unemployment, failed plans. A multitude of reasons.

The grass always seems greener on the other side. This is amplified by this age of social media where people project only the brightest lights in their lives and hide the shadows. I don’t know how many of us caught in this state are depressed.

Depression is a lonely place. Even if we are depressed, it is very difficult to accept it. I have been there and I could never term it as “depression” when I was. It is a horrible place to be in. It sucks. But the onus is on you to get out of that place. And suicide is not the answer.

I was really moved by this article by Tim Ferriss I read a couple of days ago. I felt it was apt to share it here. Here, where someone stuck in this vulnerable state of mind might come across it. I will be overjoyed if this helps anyone in any small way at all.

RIP Akhil Mehta. You will be fondly remembered.


PS: This started off as a Facebook post. A lot of things fell into place after this. I finally feel like writing again after a hiatus of almost 6 years. It seemed most natural for the first post of my blog to be the first piece of writing I did after so long and on the topic which moved me to write again.