Apurv Gujar

Saying “No” More

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There is an inherent cultural hurdle to conducting business, selling something or just generally getting things done in India. The aversion to saying “No”. I’m not too sure what it stems from but I do have a fair idea. The feeling that someone is closing the door on an opportunity forever by explicitly saying no to it (FOMO). That saying no is too rude, too uncomfortable, too harsh or socially unacceptable. Have a deal which is close to done with someone and the other party decides to back out? Good luck…read more

First Aid, a Life Skill – Saving a Life on the Train

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I choose to commute via the local train to work daily. It saves me the hassle of having to drive very far while navigating through the heavy traffic. Yesterday, as I was going to work, the train was quite crowded as usual. An old woman was travelling alone sitting by the window adjacent to me. A few minutes after the train pulled out of the station she suddenly collapsed on the seat. I look up and the guy next to her just smiles and shrugs. I ask him and people around if she is sleeping or has…read more


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About a month ago, one of the smartest and wittiest people I knew and had worked with committed suicide due to depression. I was shocked. I do not write much anymore. But I am so moved that I felt it is necessary to share this. Many of the people who are around my age are in this “quarter-life crisis” right now. It is hard for us. What you are doing might not seem satisfying enough. You might not be making enough money. You might be feeling as if you are…read more